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Date of next Council meeting

25 February 2019

Note: The meeting is to be held at Sherdons Golf Centre. The road is closed to the east of Sherdons for repairs to the bridge over the M5  -  there is no access from Fiddington.

Schedule of meetings for 2019 (all subject to confirmation)

25 March 2019      29 April 2019      20 May 2019      24 June 2019      22 July 2019      19 August 2019      23 September 2019      28 October 2019      25 November 2019     16 December 2019


  Tewkesbury Borough Council - Ashchurch Concept Master Plan

There was a public meeting on the 10th December organised by Ashchurch Rural Parish Council to provide information to the parish residents and to get feedback on views in order for ARPC to make an informed response to TBC regarding the plan. Annette Roberts, Head of Development Services, TBC, was in attendance. The full report on this Question & Answer session can be viewed here

For continuing information on this topic see the Consultations page.




  Road Closure, Walton Cardiff Road to Newton Farm, Ashchurch

Planned road closure for bridge works at M5 near Fiddington. 1st January to 1st March 2019

Detail of Gloucestershire's planned & current roadworks can found here


  Road Closure, Pamington

Pamington Lane is closed at its junction with the A46. This closure applies to all traffic and pedestrians.

Resurfacing is scheduled to take place on the A46 over the coming weeks. These dates are to be confirmed

  • Off Peak Night-time Roadspace, Signalised TM & Convoy System - Mon 18/02/19, Tue 19/02/19, & Fri 22/02/19
  • Off Peak Night-time Roadspace & Signalised TM required (No Convoy) - Wed 20/02/19 & Thu 21/02/19
  • Off Peak Day-time Roadspace & Signalised TM required (No Convoy) Mon 25/02/19 to Thu 28/02/19

Footpaths crossing the building site are also closed. A map showing these paths can be seen here. The temporary revised route of FP41 is shown in red. The blue routes are closed.

Detail of Gloucestershire's planned & current roadworks can found here


   Website update

The Amenities page has been updated. It now contains more links to useful resources such as full details of Wingmoor Farm opening times, Bishops Cleeve Household recycling centre. A new addition is a link to the Rural Services Network who support rural communities. They offer a regular weekly newsletter service.

Also new to the Amenities page is a section dedicated to Ashchurch's War Memorial. There is an interesting history of the 24 men commemorated.

The Consultations page has been replaced by a new Planning section. This will provide information on Planning Issues in the Parish


Tewkesbury shopper service - here for more information

picks you up from home on a Friday morning.


The Library Service Mobile Library will be visiting two locations every fourth Friday:

Aston-on-Carrant         Wisteria Cottages        11:35 until 13:05

Ashchurch                     Village Hall                     14:00 until 14:30

2019 Dates:             1st March       29th March       26th April       24th May

More details of library services may be found here:

and here for detail on the Mobile Library service:

or call 01452 426973



If you would like to have your local parish news or event added here please use this link to send the details


Seasons change - and this year they have virtually missed out winter. Here is a bee hard at work on Valentine's Day. Of course there is time for snow yet!


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